Chorus Pedal Reviews

Independent reviews of the best chorus pedals

Boss CE-5 Stereo Chorus Pedal

The Boss CE-5 is a truly awesome chorus pedal which offers a very wide variety of modulation. Generally there are two versions of the Boss CE-5 chorus pedal, both visually identical and made in Taiwan. The CE-5 pedals, made before 2001, should have an old analog circuit, while the version labeled CE-5A is restructured and fully digital.

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TC Electronic Corona Chorus TonePrint

Corona Chorus features 2 separate settings the Tri-Chorus and Tone Print customizable setting. The legendary dynamic SCF has been an old faithful of serious guitarists for over 20 years. Three separate chorus effects simultaneously delivered by the Tri-Chorus creates ideal manipulation and control in the studio generating amazing impressions. Regardless of the music genre the TC Corona will give you the depth and full hall sound you expect from a good chorus pedal. This is one stand-by pedal you can always depend on.

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MXR M234 Analog Chorus

Truly unprecedented, phenomenal sound quality! This compact, chorus pedal is designed for any guitar player. Dial down speed of your distorted guitar or dial up the effect of the depth easily and quickly without sounding like an outdated 80’s Flanger. If Eddie Van Halen had the MXR M 234 Chorus strapped to his Pedal board, you simply can’t go wrong.You won’t believe how incredible this beautiful pedal sounds, even better than the Tri Chorus pedal. No joke. And at the ridiculously low price, it’s a steal.

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Visual Sound V2 Liquid Chorus

Sometimes you need to go for exactly what you want and not mess around with anything else on the periphery. The V2 Liquid Chorus is a perfect example of this, especially when compared to the V2 H2O effects pedal. The H2O contains chorus and echo effects and the V2 Liquid Chorus is virtually the chorus part of the larger beast although there is an additional knob instead of the switch.

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Visual Sound V2 H2O Chorus Pedal

A name containing H2O would make you feel that water was involved somewhere and this makes sense for those that have used the V2 H2O effects pedal. It is quite common for a chorus sound to be described as liquid-like or watery but it seems possible to make your music sound as though it was recorded underwater with this effects pedal.

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Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal

We may live in a digital age but when it comes to effects pedals, analog remains the number one choice for guitarists. Achieving smooth steps from crystal clear chorus to far-out space-age is a simple task when using the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone effects pedal.

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BBE Mind Bender Chorus Pedal

With an effects pedal called the Mind Bender, you should know not to expect a straightforward clean and crisp chorus effect. This is a pedal for those that are better suited to the boundaries of sonic creations and if you like to mess with people’s heads or maybe even your own, this pedal should be of interest.

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MXR M148 Micro Chorus Pedal

We are living in an age where smaller doesn’t have to mean weaker or of lower quality and the music world is perfect proof of this. The most obvious example comes in the Apple nano or shuffle products but the MXR M-148 Micro Chorus pedal deserves a lot of recognition as well. With only one knob to play with, many guitarists may instantly dismiss it as being unsuitable for their needs but this Micro box of tricks packs an almighty punch. If you are looking for any type of chorus effect or boost, this pedal could be the one for you.

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MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus

The M-134 Stereo Chorus pedal provides you with a variety of chorus sounds from clean and clear to wide and fat but it offers so much more than that. Not all chorus pedals are created equal and you will quickly learn that the bass, treble and power intensity, width and rate options can create new layers to your sonic output that you never even knew existed. It’s a bold claim but then again, it is a bold looking effects pedal.

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Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress

When it comes to achieving that flange effect, it appears there is nothing like the Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to channel or capture the sound of Hendrix, Pink Floyd or even The Police; this pedal appears to be one that will help you get the job done. Praise indeed but you’ll go a long way before you find too many complaints about this product.

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